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Get Cooking provides bespoke cooking parties for children over the age of 6 in Warwickshire and surrounding areas.

Children make and cook all the food they eat at the party and decorate a lollypop shortbread biscuit to take home in a party bag along with chef hat. All you need to provide is a venue which I can help you with. Parties last between 1.5-2 hours. Most popular parties are Make your own Afternoon Tea, Cupcake Making and Decorating and Pizza Party.

I’m Anne Marie and I run Get Cooking! I teach and inspire all ages how to cook through private and group cooking lessons, demonstrations, workshops, cooking parties and cooking on a budget courses through local organisations.

My main aim is to show people how to cook without the need for a lengthy recipe. Recipes are a guide and can be adapted with what you have (unless you are baking!). Tasty food can be achieved quickly and easily with the right techniques and understanding of the basic fundamentals of cooking no matter what your age.

I also provide bespoke private lessons which are aimed at individuals and families who

  • wish to learn the basics and want a core set of recipes they can adapt and expand on.
  • need some inspiration of what to cook and how to make the most of ingredients, leftovers, herbs and spices.
  • Want to learn a specific recipe/genre of cooking or baking.
  • Enjoy learning a skill as a family unit.

My background

I was made redundant at the end of my maternity leave, it was a blessing as I enjoyed the freedom while on maternity leave and surprised myself how as a family we coped with a 40% reduction in income. The main savings came through being creative with cheap staple food. A skill picked up with over 20 years in the hospitality trade.

While visiting my local children’s centre I realised people were asking me for advice and always wanting to know what I was having for dinner or how I made healthy snacks for my children. The staff invited me in to show parents how to make healthy versions of takeaways and the idea formulated from there.

To book a birthday party please do send me an email here, or you can connect with me on Facebook here and Twitter here.

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