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One year ago today I sat on the end of my bed having been through tongue tie, silent reflux and numerous hospital and doctors trips with my baby boy. Finally we had been told he had CMPI and acid reflux, we were prescribed, Domperidone, Ranitidine, infant gaviscon and nutramigen. Sent home with no info to just get on with it. He wouldn’t drink a drop and I didn’t have a clue what I was doing! I was at my wits end.
I thought, someone else must have been through this, I can’t be the only one who needs a bit of perspective ..
So I set up a Facebook group.. I called it Mum Knows Best because my daughter loved Rapunzel & she used to sing “Mother Knows Best” all day long!
Some amazing Mums joined the group and gave me some invaluable advice and I realised I wasn’t alone at all.


That was 365 days ago, 1195 members and hundreds and hundreds of posts and kind words later, together we have raised nearly £800.00 via our justgiving page for Warwick Hospital’s Special Care Baby Unit, a cause close to many hearts here. 

I created this website full of all the advice to help other people that aren’t local and on our group and so that we can continue fundraising on a wider scale and so that there would be a permanent place for all the knowledge and experience we have.

I really want to say a huge H U G E heartfelt thank you to every single last one of ‘my Mums’ who have donated, helped at events, written their experiences for our blog and taken the time out of their day to offer their advice to other Mums, it means the world to so many people & with out you there would be no MKBW.

Tomorrow we are having a party, there will be cakes and music and chaos just like always


‪#‎gettingemotional‬ xxx


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