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30 Day Legs, Bums & Tums Challenge

Anyone can take part in this 10 minute a day challenge & you don’t need to buy the medal. This challenge is all about kick-starting your fitness and getting into the habit of building exercise into your daily routine. Let’s be honest, we all spend way more than 10 minutes a day scrolling social media, so let’s put our time to good use! 

In our Facebook group MKBW Fantastic Fitties we are committing to an April Medal Challengeall proceeds go to a local charity which we are currently voting on in the group.

My challenge is a 30 Day – Legs, Bums & Tums Challenge. You can start the challenge at any time during the month of April, all you have to do is complete the 30 days. 

I have created a YouTube playlist which is full of 10 minute workouts for you to chose from, there’s no need for you to work through them in order, just pick the workout that suits you.

Here’s how it works…

  • Find the playlist here

  • Print off the tracker below & write down which video you do each day Download Nikki’s 30 Day LBT Tracker here

  • If you’d like to pay to get a medal just join our group here & Nikki will send you out all the details.

You don’t need any equipment, except perhaps a mat or a towel to lie on & I’ve just bought these resistance bands from Amazon so I can try some of the resistance workouts. ←Affiliate link.

If you have found some 10 minute YouTube workouts you’d like to recommend, just comment below & I’ll include those in the playlist too.

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