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We have just received a wonderful new product for review, the Sky Baby Mattress, which we think may just come in very handy for your summer holidays. Lets face it, anything that can make flying with our little ones easier has GOT to be a bonus!


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More on the Sky Baby Mattress

Suitable from 0+ years.

SkyBaby Mattress is the first travel mattress designed specifically for use on aeroplanes, making air travel with a baby easier and more comfortable.

With most airlines, children under 2 years of age don’t get their own seat, so SkyBaby is useful in helping them to be more comfortable on your knee. It is designed to work with the aeroplane’s infant belt, and allows your baby to lie across your knee in a natural sleeping position, so that you can be sure that your baby is safe, secure, and happy during the flight.

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Your Name: Laura Avery

Age of child trialling the product: 5 months

Gender of child trialling the product: Female

Duration of trial: 2 hour flight

I used SkyBaby taking my daughter, Freya, on a plane for the first time for our first family holiday in Mallorca. I was nervous about taking her on a plane as I did not know what her reaction would be and if she were to cry and get upset there was only a limited amount of things we could do. I was therefore eager to try anything that could assist in making the process easier.

As this was my first child and I have never taken a baby on a plane, I decided do travel one way without using the SkyBaby and the return journey using it, so I could assess it properly.

Built to Last:

The product will last but at 5 months old my daughter was already getting slightly too big for it; so unless you travel on a plane a lot with your baby, you are likely to only get one use out of it.

Star Rating: 4

Value for money:

The return journey was a lot easier on my arms than the journey where I held her while she was asleep. I would definitely recommend for a long haul flight.

Star rating: 4

Easy to use:

Very simple to use, easy to pack away and light to carry. I clipped it to my changing bag.

Star Rating 5

What you like about it?

Freya was able to sleep comfortably on my lap while giving my arms a break.

What you don’t like about it


What could make it even better?

Could be slightly longer to accommodate babies past 6 months, Freya at 5 months was getting slightly too big for it.

Would you recommend this product to a friend?

Yes I would, particularly if they were going on a long haul flight. I have already lent it to my cousin for his holiday with a 3 month old.

Would you buy this product?

If I was going on a long haul flight yes; for a short haul flight I would probably cope with holding her in my arms as there are a lot if expenses with taking a baby on holiday.

Take It From Mummy would like to thank Sky Baby for providing their mattress for review and also to Laura for her review of the Sky Baby Mattress and her kind donation to our charity for the product.


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