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Don’t Dribble on The Dragon Review – 

Warwick Arts Centre

This month we’ve been working alongside Warwick Arts Centre visiting lots of their wonderful theatre and interactive shows. We sent three different families to review the latest offerings and here’s what our Mum, Sam and her family thought of Don’t Dribble on the Dragon which is a production by The People’s Theatre Company.

“Based on the fabulous new book by Steven Lee and with magic designed by the legendary Paul Daniels, this spectacular musical adventure about growing up and the importance of family is the perfect feel good show for big hearted adults and loving little ones alike.”

“We kept this as a surprise for our children who were excited all day to find out where they going. Upon arrival our eldest realised exactly where we were due to having been on two school trips here. When we walked past the poster advertising the show we stopped to show them this is what we were going to see. Our eldest who is 5 was beaming and very excited about the prospect of seeing a real Dragon. Our middle son who is 3 suddenly became frightened he said he didn’t want to see a dragon and our baby girl who is 1… well, she was fast asleep….

After we collected our tickets from the box office we had a treat of some cakes and milkshakes which were delicious and surprisingly good value. There are refurbishments going on at the moment but the staff were very efficient in guiding us as to where we had to go to see the show. The staff were so friendly with our children each handing their tickets over and our little girl had woken up in perfect timing.

The audience was mixed with all ages and there was a good crowd, seats were not numbered so you were able to choose where you wanted to sit. We had a fantastic view right in the centre. Our 3 year old wanted to sit on his daddy’s lap as was a little aprehensive about seeing a Dragon, 5 year old was beaming with excitement and 1 year old loving the fact she could sit in a big girl chair!

The show, well … where do I start? It was incredible, I couldn’t believe how transfixed our children were from the very beginning. They had the children dancing, audience participation was fantastic they even had a bubble machine!

The songs were a wonderful touch in fact we ended up singing them on our way home! The dragon, the big scary dragon that was going to eat my 3 year old…. he wasn’t a big scary dragon she was the most friendly Scottish dragon you would ever have the pleasure of meeting and as soon as Jacob realised this he immediately relaxed and had a smile as big as his brother and sister.

The show didn’t just finish after dancing, stamping, singing and water pistols, no! After we left the the theatre we not only got to meet the cast and purchase the book we also got to meet the author Steven Lee who signed our babies book!

I don’t think our children really realised how special this part was they were too excited to stand next to the dragon but as a mother and father we knew how truly special this was. On our journey home we talked about all of our favourite bits, the funny dragon, the amazing bubbles, how they were brotherS just like Harrison and Jacob and after bath time, guess which book they chose to read? Story time that evening felt so special because only a few hours earlier we had seen this story brought to life.

The following day we realised the impact this truly had on our eldest because he packed Don’t Dribble on The Dragon in his book bag along with his ticket because he wanted to show all of his friends and his teacher!”

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