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This morning I had a sneak peek around Leamington’s newest family edition, Swim Works, a purpose built swim centre which offers a wide range of swimming classes for expectant mums, babies and toddlers, right through to adult classes.

This new facility, which has taken owners Jo and Christian Wilson over a year of careful and meticulous planning will offer families “the best family swim experience in Warwickshire”.

The swim centre named ‘Swim Works’ offers the very best hygiene standards yet boasts a virtually-chemical free swimming pool. Guests are invited to leave outdoor shoes on special racks before they enter past the reception areas. It’s this attention to detail and high standards, which sets this new facility apart from any other I’ve visited. In the reception area guests are treated to refrigerated drinks, comfy sofas and there’s also a welcoming play area for children to enjoy.

An expert in her field, Jo Wilson who designed the famous ‘Aqua Sensory’ programme has poured her passion and expertise into every inch of Swim Works. Offering a pay as you go option for Aqua Sensory classes as well as block bookings for all other classes. Not only does Jo hold families at the heart of her business, she also ensures that as an employer her staff share the same vision and passion as her, encouraging them to select hours and sessions that work around their own family life.

Jo talks about the team’s core values and her passion for families using the centre to spend time together experiencing everything they have to offer without the modern day distractions. It’s evident when you enter the Swim Works building that this passion is at the heart of everything they set out to achieve within their centre, with inspiring art work adorning the walls and the well thought out changing areas. The Swim Works team who also have a centre in Rugby are able to reflect on their experiences and are well practised in meeting customer demand and plan to build on their existing time-table according to the requests of the families who come through their newly opened doors.

They also plan to introduce intensive lessons during half term so that families who find it difficult to come during term time can also experience the expertise Swim Works have to offer at a time that suits them. In the future they also hope to create a therapy room and pool which will be another unique offering to the families of Warwickshire.

The new Swim Works facility based in Leamington Spa is now open!

The classes on offer are as follows and will also include adult lessons too.

Baby Splashers – 

Age Guide – Beginners 8 weeks  9/12m and Advanced 9/12m – 16/18m

Little Splashers – 

Age Guide – 16/18m – 2.5/3yrs

Little Swimmers – 

Age Guide – 2.5/3yrs – School Age


Pre-school, weekdays = £120 for the 10 week course

Pre-school, weekends = £140 for the 10 week course

Baby Massage = £60 for the 6 week course

Sensory Stars = £30 for the 6 week course

Aqua Sensory = £100 for 10 week course

After School Academy,  weekdays = £100 for the 10 week course

After School Academy,  weekends = £110 for the 10 week course

For us to be able to assess and group your child for our fast track After School Academy (LSA Levels 1-5) please call before booking.

Adults / Aqua Tums = £40 for the 5 week course

Adults/ Aqua Fitness = £80 for the 10 week course

Adult 1-2-1’s  = £125 for a 5 week learn to swim and improver courses

Adult 1-2-1’s = £60 per 1hr coaching session

To visit the swim centre here are the details:

Call: 01926426151
Address: Queensway, Leamington Spa, CV31 3LU

Or you can visit their website here 

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