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Rainy Day Ideas!

rainy day ideas

When the weather outside is a little bit rubbish, or you just haven’t the energy to get out and about today, we have five ideas that just might save the day (and your sanity)!

1. Run A Bath!

Do not underestimate the power of running a bubble bath and putting household items in it for the kids to play with!

Think Tupperware, plastic cups, watering cans, empty bottles, a plastic tea set, if you’re brave water shooters!

2. Cardboard Box Fun!

Cardboard Box Car Cardboard Box Car Cardboard Box Car

You don’t need to be a creative Mum to make some cardboard box fun! Head to your local supermarket or DIY store (our local Homebase always has loads) grab some boxes and make some stuff! Use your imagination, a few boxes in a row can be a train!

Last half term we made a coffee shop from cardboard boxes and at Christmas we made a car! So easy and loads of fun!

Cardboard Box Coffee Shop

more ideas on our Pinterest Board here

3. Have A Movie Afternoon

You can really make a whole afternoon or morning from just one movie if you make a big thing of it!

  • Buy some of the popcorn you can make yourself in the microwave
  • Make decorated cones from a piece of A4 card
  • Make posters with showing times
  • Make tickets
  • Get all your DVD’s together and create a movie shop for the kids to choose from
  • Get all your duvets and pillows off your bed
  • Make a den to watch the movie in

Movie Afternoon! E98FE7BB-CF6A-4221-8EC0-4ED5D65884C8 E2823C25-3CC4-459B-9404-E82F7CDCCAB6 FullSizeRender-3

4. Do A Cosmic Kids Yoga Session

Cosmic kids yoga

If you’ve never heard of Cosmic Kids, you can read all about them on our blog here, in short though, Cosmic Kids Yoga are short sessions on You Tube which follow popular stories, such as Frozen and Star Wars. Children act out the stories following the instructor Jaime. Our children love going the sessions and it really calms them down if they’re being a bit crazy!

Check out their YouTube Channel here, you’ll also find the amazing ‘Peace Out’ which is mindfulness for children, perfect for bedtime.

5. Make Your Own Play Dough


I’ve been working with children for 5 years now and I can tell you that one thing that always sparks the imagination and creativity of children is play dough!

You can make your very own, using different colours and even scents! Click on this link for a simple recipe. 

Grab some cutlery, plates, cookie cutters and children’s scissors and get creative. Older children can help you measure and stir too!

We hope you found our ideas useful, let us know in the comments below what your rainy day go to ideas are & we will share them on this blog for other parents!

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