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Hyperemesis Gravidarum – Zoe’s Story

Is it true that you eventually forget?

This is my pregnancy story, one which myself and family will never forget.

When I married the love of my life back in 2010 and then fell pregnant with our first child three months later, I thought that my life was perfect. Little did I know that at six weeks into the pregnancy I would suffer from what is called Hyperemesis Gravidarum (known to many as severe morning sickness). At the time I fell pregnant I was working 45 hours a week in a nursery setting.

People tell you that sickness is a normal part of pregnancy and many give their advice of ‘eating ginger biscuits’ ‘sips of water’ ‘eating little and often’ I was even told by one nurse “oh it’s all in your head” well, believe me I wish these were all solutions but they are not!

After countless trips to the doctors, who fobbed me off with travel sickness tablets every time, it was thanks to my lovely manager that I finally got help. She mentioned one day to me that her daughter had suffered from having keytones in her urine (where you are so Starved that your body starts eating at your fat) and that she really thinks I should get tested as I had same symptoms.

So off to the doctors I went and demanded them to take a urine sample where it was proven that I had +4 keytones in my urine due to being sick so much my body had gone into starvation mode. So of to the hospital I went and was put on a fluid drip overnight. Because of only being 10 weeks pregnant at the time they sent me for an early scan to see if there may be other factors contributing to the sickness. Convinced we were going to be seeing two heartbeats on the monitor due to the severity of the sickness, I was very emotional when told there was definitely only one heartbeat. I was lucky that pregnancy as the sickness subsided after 20 weeks and went on to have a healthy beautiful girl.

We then had some bad news in the family in early 2013 and struggled coming to terms with our loss. So when two months later we found out we was expecting again it was almost like a blessing from above. Secretly worrying about the last pregnancy, I decided to tell people as soon as we had it confirmed and its a good job we did.

Since having my eldest, I had cut my hours at work down to only work 3 days, but this pregnancy I probably only worked a total of 3 months because of the severity of the sickness.

Luckily because of the previous pregnancy, I knew what the symptoms were so booked in with the doctor straight away and was once again admitted to hospital.

My family, friends and work were all amazing throughout the pregnancy, helping out with my eldest as much as possible.

I didn’t think after the first pregnancy that I could ever feel any worse, but everyday was a struggle to leave my ‘good friend Mr toilet.’

Unlike my last pregnancy where if eased at 20 weeks, this time it carried on just as severe right upto the end, resulting in at least 15 trips to a n e and labour ward each meaning more blood tests and fluid drips. Everyone says ‘you forget’ and ‘think about the end result’ but at the time it felt like it would never stop.

I started resenting my pregnancy, and couldn’t bring myself to meet up with friends incase it would start again and was getting more emotional and temperamental at home, all the time feeling guilty that I was thinking this way. The worst memory of it for me was when my 2 year old daughter ran up the stairs shouting “Mummy’s being sick again” only to have her come into the bathroom and stroke my hair, saying “it’s ok Mummy.” That moment I felt my heart shatter. It should have been me looking after my daughter not her looking after me at such a young and vulnerable age.

The nurses at Warwick Hospital were amazing and will always hold a place in my heart. Apparently, since Kate Middleton was in the headlines for having the same when pregnant with Prince George, the amount of pregnant ladies admitted to hospital has doubled.

With the amount of times I heard one of the doctors say “oh you must be lucky then, your like Kate Middleton” I wandered how long it would be before my husband would see me up for a murder charge! Sometimes all you need to hear is silence, or “can I help you in anyway?”

I am happy to say that after all the sickness, we have now got another beautiful little girl who is healthy.

So, when people say “oh you forget all the bad bits of pregnancy” my response is – “I love my two girls, they are my world, but I will never forget what I went through to have them in my life.”

If Nikki would like me to, I am happy to update this with helplines, and more facts about Hyperemesis Gravidarum. As and when wanted. Also if anyone is suffering and would like to talk to me more, feel free to contact me through Nikki. You can also comment below.

Click Here for a link to more support and information regarding Hyperemesis.


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