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5thingstodowithleftovereastereggsEaster Sunday has arrived, you have a house full of chocolate eggs from well meaning friends and family, the kids have had an egg for breakfast and now you’re wondering what the hell you’re going to do with the rest and how you’re going to avoid the children begging for chocolate for breakfast for the remainder of the holidays. Sound familiar?

Here’s some ideas for things you can do with your left over eggs:

1. Make Rice Crispy Cakes

Easy peasy and doesn’t everyone have 50 billion random fairy cake cases in their cupboard. Just melt your chocolate over a pan of simmering water and pour over a bowl of rice crispies, simple and fun for the children. You could also use up some sprinkles from the cupboard too.

2. Make Chocolate Lollipops

My children had this for Christmas and they love making lollies for their friends, it comes with different moulds and a really cute gift wrapping set too. You can get one on Amazon here. Guaranteed to use up lots of chocolate and keep them busy too!

chocolate lolly maker

3. Gift an egg to a homeless person or put one in your nearest foodbank-

Teach your children the importance of kindness. Ask them if they would like to give their egg to someone else to make them happy. You can find food bank drop offs at lots of local supermarkets or the Salvation Army.

4. Chocolate Fondue!

Too much chocolate? You need to mix it with something fresh and tasty. Grab some fruit such as strawberries, banana and pineapple or you could even use pretzels or marshmallows. Find some wooden skewers, melt your chocolate in a bowl and have a family fondue.

(pic from berry proud)

(pic from berry proud)

5. Rocky Road

I’m absolutely dreadful at cooking, but no-bake recipes I’m not too bad at so Rocky Road is another easy one. Here’s kitchen-goddess Nigella’s recipe 

Nigella's Rocky Road

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