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bibs and bobs

Over here at TakeItFromMummy we get quite a few products to trial and our lovely Mum’s panel are only to happy to give the products the strictest road testing. However, every once in a while, a product comes up and I think.. “I’ve just got to have that one for me”!

When my little boy was four months old I came across a wonderful page on facebook that makes handmade baby bibs, you might not understand the true power of these bibs… until you have a baby with reflux like we did!

I had been using up easily 6 or 7 material bibs a day, the washing machine was going crazy and so was I! My little boy’s neck had two sores on it from the moisture…So now you can see my excitement on discovering a local small business which makes not only completely bespoke bibs, but ones with a fleece backing which would ensure that my little ones neck doesn’t become damp and sore any more.

This was last April, I thought I would try one and see how it goes. My beautifully packaged bib tied up with string arrived in the post straight away and I was so impressed I ordered another 3! It’s easy to tell that they are made with love because of the attention to detail. Each bib has two plastic popper fasteners on the back; which not only ensure that my little monkey can’t pull it off, but I can also adjust the size too. That bib I bought last easter is still going strong nearly 12 months later and though the reflux has subsided we are now dealing with endless teething and I promise, not once have any of the bibs soaked through.

My three latest purchases have just arrived today, packaged as beautifully as ever and I’m looking forward to seeing what else this talented Mummy has up her sleeve!

Please do pop along to Bibs and Bobs Facebook page here or their website and see what you think!

 Bibs and Bobs receive a 5 STAR rating from us here at Take It From Mummy, we simply can’t fault them!

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