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Our little boy, Isaac has had a Strider since his 2nd birthday. He adores it and now 4 he’s rarely far from his beloved blue bike. We really love the brand so we were delighted when Strider contacted us to help celebrate their 10th Anniversary and give away a bike. 

Read on to find out why Striders are so popular


Karen from Strider Bikes UK tells us that 50% of 6 year olds can’t ride a bike without stabilisers. 9/10 children don’t get the 3 hrs a day of exercise they need.

So get them on a bike and develop a love for the outdoors from 18 months old.

See below for your chance to WIN a Strider Bike. 

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Here are 10 reasons to buy a Strider Bike today:

  1. A Strider Bike will teach your child to balance.

Strider bikeGenuine Strider Bikes were designed by Ryan, a dad in the USA whilst trying to get a bike that his 18 month old could ride. That was 10 years ago. Since then we have research to PROVE that under 5’s gain glittering confidence, improved coordination and easily learn the balance to move onto a bike with pedals. They will NEVER need stabilisers.

  1. A Strider Bike won’t break.

Strider Bike UK are a recognised and hugely trusted global brand. We’ve sold well over 1.6 million bikes to date. They are made of strong lightweight steel or aluminium and are indestructible. They won’t warp or crack like wooden toy bikes, and we have all the spares to re-do it back up for the next child.


  1. Strider Bikes help your child learn independence and gives them a head start.

A child learning to ride a bike using stabilisers, requires A LOT of adult supervision, particularly once those wheels come off when you will need to hold the bike and be prepared for falls and tears.

A Strider Bike is a tool that your child can teach themselves to balance at their own pace. Because Strider’s are lighter and have a lower seat position of any other brand we start them younger too. They also adjust to the highest seat offering longevity.

From when they can walk they can ride a Strider Bike and It’s a great way for your child to learn independence and confidence at a young age!

  1. Strider Bikes are safer.

It is natural for parents to worry about nasty falls and scrapes, and this fear is noticed by your child. Concrete can be very painful and riding on grass is tricky. This leads to your child becoming hesitant too making the transition from stabilisers to pedal bike more traumatic than it needs to be.

This is not the case when you buy a Strider Bike, where you simply put your feet down to stop the falls and learn whilst having fun. Also as the bike passes the stringent safety testing for 18 months plus the bike is the safest available.

With a balance bike your child only has to concentrate on balancing as there are no distracting pedals or stabilisers, meaning they learn more quickly and more safely.

  1. Balance bikes are more economical in the long run.

We know that many parents’ big concern when considering the option to buy a Strider Bike is that they can be seen an expense.

A balance bike eliminates the need for a push handled trike, a tricycle and a bicycle with stabilisers – so you can actually save money while making it easier for your child to learn. A Strider can be used for at least 4 years and kids, once they get on one, won’t get off again!

  1. Your whole family can go on bike rides.

striderpic3For parents with more than one child you’ll understand the frustration younger siblings can experience when brothers and sisters are out on their bikes.

Joining in on a bike with stabilisers isn’t the same. Kids feel left out and left behind whilst wobbling on a heavy bike. Parents are then stuck in between the one that is riding and the child that is going no-where fast. But if you buy a Strider Bike they’ll love the independence it brings, allowing them to ride quickly and with ease. Family bike rides become fun again!

  1. Strider Bikes help kids balance younger.

Did you know that kids who learn with a balance bike have been known to progress to pedals at ages 3-4 rather than children who learn with stabilisers at around 5-6? With a Strider, most kids can ride a bike at 2 years if they started as a toddler.

  1. Come to Strider’s fun family events.

We run a global race series, designed for children from 18 months to 5 years inclusive. The striderpic4finals are in Salt Lake City, Utah but you don’t have to travel that far. On the 20th May, 2017 we have a STRIDER Cup Race in Birmingham where a hundred pre-schoolers will ride a custom-made track, and all get medals on the podiums. A free Strider Cup Race is included with every purchase so come and #strideon. For more details visit our events page.

  1. It is not just for the toddlers!

Children with autism, dyspraxia, Downs Syndrome and development delay stuggle to ride a bike. Not so with our 16” and 20” bikes. We have bikes to fit everyone from 1 year to 99 plus. We have seen some truly astonishing progress with kids that were told they would never ride a bike – we even have the university based research to prove it.


  1. Ride with others.

Up and down the UK there are countless clubs and instructors using Strider’s to teach children, and a whole host using them just to run Strider sessions that kids can ride with others. Get in touch for details about clubs in your area.

Better still, as we give 1% of global revenue into our grant fund to help disadvantaged children, your purchase will be helping others learn to ride too.

If you need help choosing a Strider Bike for your child, just get in touch and we’ll give you a hand.


For your chance to win a Strider bike for your little one click here

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