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Advice for Mums on recovering after a C Section.

Recovering from a c section

Incredible pic thanks to Lindsey

Recently one of the Mums in our support and advice group posted asking for advice from others after she had an emergency C Section. The advice was so helpful to the Mummy that she suggested I put it on here to help other Mums out in the future.

So here are the top words of wisdom from those in the know….our wonderful Mums, who have been there, done it and got the t-shirt!

Take pain relief religiously, get plenty of rest, limit visitors, keep an eye on your stitches and let them get air, keep moving, take Arnica tablets, get your partner to bring baby to you, use pillows like a V pillow for support, leave the cleaning!

  1. Charlotte – Take all the pain relief you’ve been offered….for at least a week or so. Get plenty of rest (I know that’s easy to say but try) – get those feet up. I’ve had two and in both cases you’ll be feeling so much more ‘normal’ by the 2 week mark. Also limit visitors as they will make you feel tired!
  1. Sam – Get help, even doing small normal jobs you did before make your scar sore etc. Also limit car journeys as passenger and walks for few weeks
  1. Molly – Try and stand up straight as much as you can – sounds mad but it helps – if you think you are going to sneeze draw your knees up and hold your tummy. It does get better quite quickly.
  1. Ellie – Keep on top of your pain medication, I took ibruprofen and paracetamol religiously every 4 hours. Keep a cushion handy to squeeze tight if you need to cough or sneeze. Just take things steady, keep moving but not over doing it. After 2 weeks you’ll feel much more normal again xx
  1. Julie – Take it as easy as you can otherwise sets recovery back as you bleed more. Keep an eye on your stitches and any sign of infection go straight in!
  1. Alison – Make sure you take your medication and I found just moving around really helped my recovery. Plenty of rest as well !! It’s amazing how quickly the body recovers
  1. Kate – Stick to painkiller timing religiously, even if at that exact moment you feel fine. Get up and walk about, trying to keep your back straight it can feel really hard at first.
  1. Louise – I also took Arnica tablets- herbal remedy supposed to help with healing- I was b-feeding and fine to take. Take it easy.
  1. Jo – I had my third section on Monday – take your meds as the midwife told you religiously there is no need to be in any pain. When the ones from the hospital run out get some more! Eat and rest – let everyone else do everything, it takes two weeks to feel better
  1. Denise – Go out for a short walk every day as moving around will help your recovery. Use pillows to get comfy in bed. Have your partner bring baby to you in bed for feeding
  1. Michelle – Let it air! Lie back and allow it to dry out.
  1. Georgina – when initially going to stand put your chin on your chest then it doesn’t pull/ hurt as much. This was invaluable advice for me with my 2nd c section
  1. Katie – I sleep with my pillows propped up with a v pillow behind my back and neck then I have cushions under my feet and calves to keep them propped up takes the strain off your middle whilst still stretching out x
  1. Sara – Don’t underestimate what you’ve been through…the longer you rest the quicker you will recover! Xxx
  1. Sarah – Sevredol, ibruprofen and paracetamol got me through the first week and after that I found things started to improve pretty quickly. Also keep reminding o/h that it is major abdominal surgery and you need to take it easy!
  1. Lindsey – Take all the pain relief you can at this stage, stagger it so you always have something in your system. Plenty of rest too but I found that getting up and pottering about really helped.
  1. Naomi – Let people help you as much as possible. Forget about tidying the house... it will keep!

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