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Having a Christmas baby isn’t always easy. People always look at me with sympathy when I tell them that Isaac’s birthday is Christmas Eve, the usual comments are, “ahh so no presents for another 12 months for him” or “that’s expensive for you” all of which are true of course, but being a lover of Christmas and everything that goes with it, it only makes things more special for us. For one, we are always off work for his birthday, which means it’s always a real family day. He’ll never have school on his birthday either which has to be a bonus, I hate packing my daughter off to school on her birthday!

Having a Christmas baby does mean you have to plan ahead though, to spread the cost I usually start buying his birthday presents in October half term and that’s when I also plan his birthday party. Everyone is always so busy over Christmas I always need to book halls etc in advance, and people need plenty of diary warning to make sure they can make his party around the hustle and bustle of family visits and present buying.

We have had some lovely parties for my little dude so far, from an animal party, to a party bus but this year he’s got a few more friends from nursery and added to our family friends I thought it was time to plan something extra special. As you’ll probably have already seen, I have some major love for Disney, and we have a super AMAZING Elsa who comes to all our charity events. Sam, is incredible. She’s not just a person who dresses up as Elsa, this girl can seriously sing! So when I discovered she was branching out into other themed parties I jumped at the chance to have her host Isaac’s 4th birthday party. (FOUR! Omg).

Elsa, Crantertainment

Isaac sadly doesn’t really share my love for all things Disney, he’s a superhero obsessed almost-four year old who adores Batman and also running around like a headless lunatic. So with a little planning with Sam, (who runs her company Cranetertainment single handedly, while balancing being a Mummy to a baby and two little boys and also being a wife and generally lovely human) , Isaac’s request of a Superhero party came to life!

I’m going to admit that as someone who’s worked with children for a number of years, the thought of a hall party with 30 kids running around wacking each other with balloons to the sound of Gangnam Style fills me with dread, so I do like a party with a teeny bit of structure so the children don’t murder each other and my head doesn’t drop off with stress.

Sam came as a secret agent with her fellow Agent D, they captivated the children with their Superhero training school. The children had to follow the training of real superheroes, and undertake tasks to complete their training.

There was an assault course

Super hero party 4650a2ca-0f00-4b2d-ace6-12afc87c9bec

an AGILITY – Spider-man Lazer Task

Super hero party 798b14e4-0867-44b2-b25a-8fe6f14e3dda dc72e6b0-ac03-4d11-8854-d16ed00e4e95

BALANCE – Bean Bag Task

Super hero party 4b9ddcad-f107-474d-9f6c-378e500f6422 4490c34b-c5c2-47ae-9b4b-ebd611483969

STRENGTH – Hulk Smash Task!

Super hero party 144adae7-e1ed-40e1-a5bb-07ff9d2460c3 b9bf21bb-df3b-4fce-bad0-ac4464e5a5f8


super hero party img_2802 img_2804

BEING SILLY – Super Hero Dance

Super hero party img_2826 94a25e38-684d-4b69-8cda-907168f4b19a

and there was even some Captain America style shield throwing

super hero party 77e76cb2-260f-4939-88a3-c787eeee58af 449c46eb-7079-4357-be67-ca2eb7e33d0d

and at the end there was a really special surprise..

img_2837 28dda465-d753-4d40-89e7-0a8ec85178cc 651e2b1a-7f3a-48e5-a100-65ef9a2c4a7d

Batman himself made a special appearance to present the children with their certificates!

It was such a pleasure to be able to sit back and let someone else take control and captivate the children’s attention as Sam and Agent D did! My little Isaac is by no means a shrinking violet and there were some tantrums along the way ( he wannntteeddd the bluuueee bean baggggg ) and the girls managed the children so professionally, picking up on the different strengths and personalities of them all. Which is no mean feat when you are faced with 17 small people and all their grown ups! No pressure. The party was so well thought through and planned and Isaac loved it all. In his words “My party was better than Olivia’s” charming as ever haha!

I have got to mention my lovely friend Lucy who saved my life by taking the amazing pictures you can see here when my camera dramatically broke. Thank you so much Lucy!

84535212-eb3a-4f23-a4e9-3c26e17d2511superhero party

If you have a small person who wants a Princess or a Secret Agent, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the super-talented Sam from Cranetertainment who is now my hero. Now i’m truly stuck for next year!!! How do you top that?!

cranetertainment cranetertainment1

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