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On Saturday 10th December 2016 we held our annual Christmas Party and Fayre at Warwick Gates Community Centre.

We were joined by the incredible talents from Cranetertainment who sang as Anna and Elsa from Frozen and entertained the children. Anna and Elsa came complete with snow and the children loved playing games with their idols. These girls can seriously sing! One Mum even came to tell me she had thought it was a cd until she realised it was really them!

Mum Knows Best Warwickshire Christmas Party 15370069_1870438006534946_870398946101223978_o 15418357_1870439596534787_3289377447872905207_o

We also had music classes with the talented Rachel from Rhythm Time who captivated the toddlers and babies with her fantastic music, singing and props!

Mum Knows Best Warwickshire Christmas Party 15493231_1870442459867834_1758388835008539823_o 15392906_1870441886534558_8384902973345243722_o

As if all that fun wasn’t enough, we also had a strider bike adventure zone with Brambles Explorers where the children were able to negotiate an obstacle course and enjoy using the Strider balance bikes.

Mum Knows Best Warwickshire Christmas Party 15391482_1870438539868226_848425881151672608_o 15392781_1870440593201354_2540897187505056446_o 15418512_1870440099868070_2915406860721936158_o

There was lots of crafts for the children, biscuit decorating, paper chain making, bauble decorating, colouring, letters to Santa and a play dough table.

Mum Knows Best Christmas Party Mum Knows Best Warwickshire Christmas Party Mum Knows Best Warwickshire Christmas Party Mum Knows Best Warwickshire Christmas Party Mum Knows Best Warwickshire Christmas Party Mum Knows Best Warwickshire Christmas Party

In our foyer we were lucky to be joined by the talented Katie from Madhatters Craft Studio who was on hand with plenty of crafty decorations for the children to paint.

Mum Knows Best Warwickshire Christmas Party 15391357_1870442913201122_3621639699360846376_o 15493721_1870443069867773_6999152287381713069_o

There was a gift fayre with lots of local people (mainly our Mums from our group) selling some gorgeous Christmas items from Candles and home made items to books there was something for everyone.

Mum Knows Best Warwickshire Christmas Party 15540830_1870438306534916_8789864574897531259_o 15369957_1870437433201670_8193401518541719610_o 15385259_1870437583201655_7183444353416758354_o 15391396_1870439896534757_6593888420662949571_o 15443288_1870443073201106_4088308139538730875_o

Our raffle was a huge success, and we would like to thank all the business who donated items for our raffle, each year this makes such a difference to our fundraising total, a special mention to Ardencote Manor who are always so generous in supporting our charity efforts, thank you so much.

We were very lucky to have an incredible photographer Cassie Leedham at the party who was on hand to take pictures of the day and also some portrait family pictures and photos of the children with Anna & Elsa and Father Christmas himself. I’m sure you will agree the photos of the day are incredible! I was sent this sneak peek of me telling Father Christmas i’ve been good all year 😉

Mum Knows Best Warwickshire's Christmas Party

I am thrilled to say that we have raised the fantastic amount of £660.80 so far with a couple of donations still to come in. This means that added to our Halloween Party total of £265.00 we have now reached our second £1000 target of being able to buy a second fold out chair for the side rooms on Swan Ward which is so needed. It also means that £399.70 + the additional donations go to The Special Care Baby Unit!

Thank you to everyone who came, we have made a difference.

Here’s a list of everyone who was there on the day 🙂

Sam Crane & Debbie From Cranetertainment

Rachel Turner From Rhythm Time

Sarah Warrington and Liv Boucher From Brambles Explorers with the Strider Bikes

Photos by Cassie Leedham-Lewis Photography 

Fiona Henshaw – Cake Time –

Katie White – Madhatters Craft Studio – 

Facepainter Paint A Party Facepainting – Lucy Califano – 

Glitter Tattoos and Lips!! Emma Inglefield – 

Amy Tebbatt from Handmade by Amy

Kay Kelly from Kays Flowers And Decopaged Candles

Karen Deasy from Darning Green

Jay Bahi – Usborn Books

Rebecca Barritt – Budds Beauty Buys

Michelle Venter – Neals Yard

Clare Hemming – Handmade change mats, cloths and teething accessories

Tracey Witts – Chloe me just me 

Dawn Rahman – Revive Warwick Sports Massage

Lisa O’Callahan – Scentsy – Scentimental Moments 



And to see our Justgiving page click here for Maternity Ward and here for SCBU


Mum Knows Best Warwickshire Christmas Party 15390739_1870438106534936_7887755531372386012_n 15493831_1870439273201486_3055277449083509526_o 15392978_1870439303201483_3484563137496316554_o 15418475_1870438969868183_2061661998626134774_o 15403730_1870437576534989_55951255272031955_o 15540817_1870437263201687_8469582554273154214_o 15443095_1870437629868317_6037184269546424856_o 15369094_1870438109868269_2267488451269927603_o 15403621_1870438976534849_3024781429148986386_o 15403651_1870437649868315_4648677045378329790_o 15493742_1870437996534947_5269805168804763079_o 15392825_1870438799868200_4939416682815173426_o 15392779_1870438229868257_4080729417049602053_o 15418449_1870439499868130_4305531590393285945_o 15419526_1870437569868323_5059322001211737332_o 15493777_1870439759868104_888831665015883644_o 15493727_1870439733201440_5175846372091479393_o 15403667_1870440719868008_443598925948049604_o 15443186_1870440003201413_2406094328400898751_o 15403685_1870440213201392_1548542710937287138_o 15369094_1870440186534728_7669409033995908725_o 15440444_1870440866534660_4725793027000758607_o 15403857_1870440986534648_5337606644978682261_o 15440321_1870440453201368_34469076190516724_o 15384471_1870440726534674_3362003349759978427_o 15440409_1870442513201162_2770729772479990652_o 15443028_1870440013201412_7630303060214220103_o 15540968_1870440926534654_1972524164568187028_o 15369963_1870440096534737_3313757229035509026_o 15418565_1870441046534642_4264687355233988319_o 15540873_1870442139867866_6235037866267576659_o 15541038_1870441889867891_1438305918676789560_o 15493464_1870441456534601_244166615050094399_o 15391470_1870442603201153_87615142769641777_o 15443028_1870442986534448_3875496512558813077_o 15393039_1870442713201142_4165622919599726174_o 15271785_1870442833201130_3519806714162007787_o 15540619_1870442916534455_6670673357448599523_o

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