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Big Fish Little Fish Halloween Family Rave Review. 

This year we have gone a bit Halloween crazy! We held a fancy dress party for the mums of Mum Knows Best Warwickshire which raised over £250 for our charity, we went to a Halloween members party at Hatton Adventure World and next up was the family rave.



When we were invited to join in the fun I must admit I didn’t know what to expect. In my younger days (I’m not that old honest) I could usually be found on a Friday night in Wobble in Birmingham, Godskitchen or Flashback at The Que club so I’m no stranger to a good old rave! But I didn’t know what to expect from a family rave and when I heard there was also a licenced bar I’ll be totally honest, I didn’t know how I felt about alcohol and children in that kind of atmosphere. Anyway I looked at some of the reviews and photos online and I decided that I was too intrigued to not try it out.

So there we were our little family of four, my daughter dressed as a Halloween princess (complete with my spider facepaint effort) my son a skeleton (no Facepaint as he A) Wouldn’t sit still and B) I couldn’t do a skeleton Kai from Ninjago) … and me, yes me, dressed as Hermione Grainger!( Well, in for a penny and all that) in a real life night club. On a Sunday!

Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave

When we arrived at The Assembly Rooms in Leamington there was a tiny queue which moved really quickly and we got our free glow sticks and in we went!

The main room had a DJ (Altern8) on the stage with hoop-dancers (sorry I’m so old I don’t know the technical term for a dancer with a light up hula hoop haha) either side. There were bubbles blowing across the front of the crowd and some giant inflatable balls bouncing around above people’s heads which was a firm favourite for the children who were sitting on the shoulders of their parents bouncing them across the room. Everyone was smiling and dancing and there was no inappropriate daytime drunken debuchery as per my previous misconception!

Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave

There were crafts around the sides of the room including mask making and a play dough table (would have loved this to have been slightly bigger) both well equipped with plenty of resources. A few feet away was a play area with play tents and small soft play equipment which my son loved playing with when he got a bit hot and bothered.

img_0621 Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave

All the children were treated to temporary Halloween tattoos too which was a nice extra touch. Here’s my little man getting his ghost

Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave

Upstairs was a lovely area especially for babies and small crawling little ones which had some soft play and inflatables, this area and the balcony outside was a calm area and also allowed feeding mums somewhere to sit too.

The cake stall was a hit with my small people who enjoyed munching and dancing at the same time 😉

img_0616 Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave

We found the time went so quickly and really enjoyed breaking up the dancing with the activities so the children were never bored. I’m reliably assured there was a huge parachute near the end which we must have missed while having fun in the play area but the pictures look ace.

The whole event had a lovely atmosphere, families were chatting to one another and the children seemed to love being part of something a little different. What more could you ask from a Sunday afternoon? A really well run, fun event which offered something different and dare i say it, something that adults can actually enjoy alongside their children which doesn’t really happen in your soft play barn type place now does it? Highly recommended by me and my small people and something i doubt they will forget in a long time. Till next time Big Fish Little Fish! 

You can see more info and future events here on the Big Fish Little Fish Website tickets for this event were reasonably priced and worth the money as there was little to pay for once inside except for food and drink.

Here are some more pics of our fun.

img_0605 img_0607 Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave img_0629 img_0634 Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave


And here’s some details of their next event!

Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave Leamington Spa September 2017

Tickets available here

You can read more on the event here on the BFLF Facebook Page

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