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I’m fascinated by the latest hot trend of subscription boxes. I wonder if they’re worth the money and if the children actually get anything out of it. I’ve decided to trial some of the free offers available and see what the boxes are all about. Are the price tags worth the contents or could you just head off to The Works and grab the bits yourself for half the price?

We would love to hear from you if you have tried out any subscription boxes for yourself or your children and what you thought you can post in the comments below or contact us via any of our social media platforms or via email.

In this blog post I’m going to look at the boxes available, how much they cost and how often they are posted and the value for money. I love the idea of sending these as a gift i.e. for birthdays, christmas etc,so will look into that too. We will look at subscription boxes for kids first and then look at those for babies and Mums to be or just treat boxes for you 🙂 Please do check back as we update our findings.


Sassy Kids Box

sassy kids box

How much?  £3.99 plus £0.99 for delivery

Free Box? Yes by following the offer link below or first box half price

How Often? Fortnightly

What’s Inside? Family crafts

What age? 3-8 years

Cancellation? You can cancel at any time

 CLAIM A FREE BOX!  All you have to do is add the promo code BLG-TIFM . Click here to claim your offer

This is the only subscription box we have trialled so far & we really enjoyed the fact that the Sassy box brought our family together. Our full review is here and we will also be comparing this box with the others when we have trialled more.

The Toucan Box “Quality Time Delivered”


How much?  £3.95 plus £0.98 for delivery

Free Box? Yes by following the link below

How Often? Fortnightly

What’s Inside? Arts and crafts

What age? 3-8 years

Cancellation? You can cancel at any time


The costs above are for the smallest Toucan box available, there are also larger boxes which cost more but are monthly etc. Check out their website here 

Mr Maker Club Box “A Marvellously Arty Project”

mister maker club box

How much?  £5.95 plus £0.98 for delivery

Free Box? Yes by following the offer link below

How Often? Fortnightly

What’s Inside? Arts and crafts

What age? 3-8 years

Cancellation? You can cancel at any time


This box from The Mr Maker Club is also provided by Toucan Box, we have one on order so will let you know how long it takes and full review on it’s way. We have ordered two and only paid £1 for our first boxes. Slightly more expensive than the other’s we have seen. You can find their website and free box here 


More in depth info to come soon…

Project B – £14.99 per month

Sassy Bloom Box – from £25.00 per month



The Lucky Dip Club

theluckydipclub Super cute and cool boxes just for you!

£20.00 for a one off box and £18 per month on subscription.. stay tuned for more info

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