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Now that the weather is finally warming up we thought we would put together some tips on keeping your children’s bedrooms cool during the hot summer days and nights. Hope you find it useful 🙂 Nikki x

Keeping childrens bedrooms cool

Most children will sleep comfortably in a room between 16 and 20 degrees but what can you do if the temperature rises above this?

  1. If you don’t have one, we would really recommend a gro egg from the Gro Company. the handy gadget will change colour with the temperature in your little one’s room and give you an indication of whether you need to take action to cool it down or not. Check them out on Amazon here for just £14.99
  2. Start first thing in the morning, if the forecast is for a hot day, open the windows in the bedroom and then draw the curtains again so that the room remains in the shade so the sun doesn’t heat it up. If you’re worried about security while you’re out, still keep the curtains shut and open windows when you return. If you open a window at the front of the building, try and open one at the back so the air can move through.
  3. If you have a loft hatch, open it, hot air rises and will go up into the loft cooling down the upstairs.
  4. Consider buying a fan, we have a tower fan which has a remote, like this one it’s a tall one but you can also buy small tower ones which will go on a chest of drawers for example. I prefer these to the ones with blades for safety reasons.
  5. Freeze a large bottle of water and place in front of a fan with a towel underneath to catch the drips. Put this in the room an hour or so before bedtime to cool it down.
  6. Cold wet towels draped over a radiator.
  7. Cotton! 100% cotton is a great material for keeping cool, try using a cotton bed sheet over little people for example and cotton pj’s
  8. Magicool is great for cooling little ones down and you can even spritz it over their bedsheets before you put them to bed.
  9. If you have a baby you could cover them in a large muslin such as these from Aden and Anais


Have a read of this guide here from the Lullaby Trust which gives more information on babies in the heat as the advice above is more general to all children.

If you have a little one with a pushchair, we love the Snooze Shade for keeping them cool during the day.

This advice from the Gro Company is really useful when knowing how to dress baby on hot nights,

What to put baby to sleep in on a hot night

As always, if you have any handy tips we haven’t mentioned, please feel free to comment below and we will update our blog!

Here is our experiment..

Mummy Tips from our Social Channels:

Marie: “I’d add my children go to bed with wet/damp hair which they love and soothes them ready (got the tip from an Italian Nonna & works wonders) and they just slept in a nappy and 100% cotton sheet and pillowcase. And if still too hot upstairs we sleep downstairs where it’s a lot cooler and darker. And I get my air tee out and cover it with wet towels in front of fans works wonders. Best of luck peeps “

Angela: “Pop a packet of baby wipes in the fridge and every so often pop one on her forehead and chest and then remove it – don’t leave it on so long that it heats up … ”

the gro egg hot

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