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The Baby Show NEC Review

the baby show 2016

Take It From Mummy is a Baby Show veteran! We have been attending for a few years now and we love it! Every year it just gets better, and this year was no exception!

If you love a freebie and a bargain The Baby Show is your new haven! We left with bags jammed full of goodies! If you’ve never been to The Baby Show here is a brief overview of what you can expect…

FREE Nappies and Wipes in the Mamia Baby changing area, A free Creche and Soft Play area for your little ones, a Tommee Tippee Feeding Area which has everything us Mummies could need, from baby food, to disposable bibs, to bottle warmers AND the incredible Perfect Prep Machine available to make up your baby bottles.. (we will come back to that later!)

This year we were once again among the 23,500 visitors to Birmingham’s NEC ready to check out the bargains, listen to the celebrities including Annabel Karmel chat and see the newest inventions to make our lives just that little bit easier.

pushchairs at the baby show

More than any other year it seemed that there was loads of pushchair companies on hand to let Mums and parents-to-be try out the latest sets of wheels on the market. When we arrived this area was packed but great as I still wish that I’d had the opportunity to physically try out all the pushchairs available before I bought our first one (which was a bulky travel system which broke my back every single time I attempted to bundle it into my boot). I was also interested to quiz the various brands about their answers to the new car seat regulations which state young children will have to remain rear facing from (probably) 2018. I was going to write a blog about this but this blog explains it just perfectly.

Our Faves!


There were obviously loads of other stands all hoping for big business and keen to explain all about their newest products. You’ve probably noticed the new trend of ‘baby wearing’ we really appreciated the ladies from Baby K’Tan giving us a useful demo of their baby carriers which we thought were great.

The British Red Cross First Aid Course

We took part in a first aid course with The British Red Cross. It was so informative and hands on, I’m so pleased we took the time out to refresh our minds on the do’s and don’ts of baby & toddler first aid.

If you would like to win two places on a British Red Cross course near you, head over to our competition page soon for your chance to win.

gumigem necklace

GumiGem – We loved this teething jewelery as seen on Dragon’s Den, really lovely designs in non-toxic, bpa free silicone. They also sell the cutest teething toys, we just adored the tool box ones!

GumiGem Babba Bag

Check out our competitions page to win a necklace for yourself!

moozels tutu

Moozels – We bagged ourselves the cutest LIGHT UP tutu from this company, the fabric is so soft unlike other ‘scratchy’ tutus and our daughter loves the unique design, it’s defo on the school disco outfit list for the summer! Check them out here.

Tommee Tippee – Amazing deals on their starter kits which had almost sold out they were so popular.

My favourite thing about the baby show every year is the new inventions which change parenting for the better, in the past we have loved Ewan the Dream Sheep, Snoozeshade and this random company who made these ace holders that attach your baby’s sippy cup to the pushchair so when they chuck it out, it never gets to the floor!

This year our fave new invention was from …


You may or may not already know that my second little person was a little refluxer, he had tongue tie, reflux, eczema, basically most of the baby related things that tend to send a new Mum completely bonkers. Well, if I had this invention, my life would have been made sooo much easier!

Nuby Pink 360 straw Bottle_Pair-250x250

Nuby are launching a new baby bottle just for babies who suffer with reflux and colic symptoms, I know what you’re thinking, there’s loads of these, duh, every bottle maker has an anti colic valve/tube/magical thingymagig, well don’t stop reading yet, this one looks different!

So, anyone with a baby who has reflux will tell you, the first thing you’re told is to ‘feed baby more upright’, great, thanks for that, easy at the beginning of the bottle but not so hard when you reach the bottom of the bottle and you do at some point have to “do the baby-lean and bottle tip”, (that’s my technical term for it anyway).

The bottle is called the ‘Nuby Natural Touch 360’, it has a weighted straw which allows baby to feed in the upright position until the last drops of the feed. It has three anti-colic valves which prevent vacuum build up inside the bottle. It also has a teat which allows 360 any angle feeding – that means baby can latch on at any angle round the teat.

Ok, so I haven’t tried it.. it’s not even released till June but honestly it does look ace and I haven’t been asked (or paid, lol) to say that.

See more here or buy here 


Before the baby show we ran a competition to win two pairs of tickets to the show and we received lovely emails afterwards

“Thank you so much for the tickets. Me and my sister had a fantastic time. Her baby is due in September and managed to find some great bargains whilst I bought weaning things for my 5 months old twins, we had a lovely time! Thank you!” Maria.

“Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the baby show tickets, the show was good. I really enjoyed the talks. It was also good to test out some products.”

The next Baby Show will be taking place at Kensington, Olympia from the 21st-23rd October inclusive.  To buy your Early Bird tickets please visit  

Early Bird tickets – £11.50 (Friday) and £12.50 (Saturday & Sunday)

Opening times; 10.00am – 5.00pm


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