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organicbabiesrescuebalm Organic Babies Mum & Baby rescue balm by The Green People

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Our new Mummy Hannah tested this fabulous cream for us, it gets a big thumbs up! Read on for the low down on this Organic wonder.


Reviewer: Hannah

Age of child trialing the product: Newborn

Duration of trial: 3 weeks


Really nice to use, and gentle enough to be used on my newborn baby to help with his dry, cracked skin. I used this as an alternative to lanolin to prevent my nipples from getting sore and this seems to have worked very well, and is certainly easier to apply than lanolin! My baby arrived before I got to use it so I didn’t get to find out how good it would be for my perineum!

Value for money:

Star rating: 3 – Quite expensive for one tube so not sure how likely I would be to buy over other similar products. That said, it seems to be lasting well so it does seem to be that you get your money’s worth.

Easy to use:

Star Rating 5 – Nice consistency so much easier to apply than other thicker lanolin based products I have also been using. You don’t have to use a lot at a time as it spreads really far.

What you like about it?

The fact that it is organic means I don’t have to worry about my baby’s skin reacting to it, and a little goes a long way.

What you don’t like about it

Nothing really – it’s a good product.

What could make it even better?

Lower cost or bigger tube – the cost is the only fault I could find with it.

Would you recommend this product to a friend?

Absolutely. It’s a wonderful natural product that has definitely done what it promises.

Would you buy this product for yourself?

I would, but would certainly be hunting around to see where I could get it cheap.

Overall I have been really impressed by the product. No sticky fingers or warming things up between fingers before applying it, and my skin and my baby’s skin are left soft and not irritated. I really love the fact that it is made from natural products. It has prevented my nipples from getting cracked and sore and my baby’s dry skin patches disappear very quickly following an application.


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