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Sunflowers at Malt Kiln Farm

Today we went in search of somewhere the children can pick their own strawberries! My Mum used to take me to a little place in Solihull when we were little and it’s one of my earliest memories so I have been looking forward to taking my children and carrying on the tradition.

I was worried that we might be too late as it is later on in the season now, while some of our local Pick You Own places had been emptied we didn’t mind travelling a little further than usual.

I’m so pleased we did because what we found exceeded our expectations! We travelled to Malt Kiln Farm Shop in Stretton under Fosse, it took about half an hour from our home in Leamington Spa.

When we arrived we found that we could pick from a huge variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, Strawberries, Raspberries, Red and White Currants, Rhubarb, Sunflowers, courgettes and marrows!

We grabbed our baskets and off we went..

Malt Kiln Farm

We spent about an hour exploring the fruit and playing down the hedgerows of the raspberries and then after much hilarity trying to pull rhubarb and sunflowers we headed inside the farm shop to pay for our brimming baskets.

Inside we discovered a cafe with children’s menu &  outside area so decided to stay for lunch and the children enjoyed playing while we waited for our food.


We would highly recommend a day out here, we arrived at 10:30 and didn’t leave till 2pm.

For further details on Malt Kiln Farm and their prices and availability you can visit their regularly updated website here:

Malt Kiln Farm Shop or call them on 01788832640

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