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Take It From Mummy is a Baby Show veteran! We have been attending for a few years now and we love it! Every year it just gets better, and this year was no exception!

If you love a freebie and a bargain The Baby Show is your new haven! We left with bags jammed full of goodies! If you’ve never been to The Baby Show here is a brief overview of what you can expect…

FREE Nappies and Wipes in the Mamia Baby changing area, A free Creche and Soft Play area for your little ones, FREE Cow & Gate Baby Food & A Tommee Tippee Feeding Area which has everything us Mummies could need, from baby food, to disposable bibs, to bottle warmers AND the incredible Perfect Prep Machine available to make up your baby bottles.. (we will come back to that later!)


Alongside these Mummy & Baby Friendly services of course are the stands! What I particularly like about The Baby Show is the mixture of large brands such as Mothercare and Tommee Tippee, which are alongside other smaller, unique business who all have their own stories to tell. Take Snuggl Bundl for example, who have appeared on Dragon’s Den or Snoozeshade (who attended the show a couple of years ago) both are great examples of entrepreneurs who have brought their ideas to fruition and taken the leap into the huge world of ‘baby brands’,  I love the idea that you can come to The Baby Show and meet the inspiring people behind these great designs who are always at the forefront of their businesses dealing with their new customers at ground level.

Here’s just a couple of unique ideas which we loved this year…

Firstly Cleverstix..

Cleverstix Hello Kitty

..a concept which began as a training utensil for children to learn to use chopsticks, which has many other positive outcomes for children, including improving fine motor skills and grip & increased hand-eye co-ordination. From an Early Years teaching perspective these Cleverstix could be fantastic in a nursery setting too, in addition to the tweezers many of us use to enhance Montessouri activities with the children.  We had a hilarious time competing to see which of us could pick up the most jelly beans in 30 seconds! See our review of these coming soon!


IMG_2635 We also found a stunning company named The Crafty Calf.

This company create the most beautiful paper cuts! We adored this stunning ‘twins’ frame and just look what they can do with your scan picture!

crafty calf

This company are local to Warwickshire and their prices are really reasonable.


Such a talent!



We had such a touching moment this morning too. We happened to come across a stand Miracle In Progress, which was offering 4d scans at the show for £65 which we thought was really reasonable.

Baby 4d Scan

There was a couple next to us who didn’t know the gender of their baby, after much discussion they decided to take the plunge right there at The Baby Show and have a gender scan. The excitement and nervousness was just oozing from them! We were so excited for them, how amazing to come out for the day with your partner to bag some bargains and leave knowing if you are having a baby girl or boy! We gave them our card and a few hours later we got a tweet!…


How amazing is that!

We also loved Tommee Tippee’s stand, which alongside their new brand revamp had been transformed into a space rocket themed world which was completely designed for the children! They had a play tent with every dress-up item you can imagine on a rail, Happy Land rockets and space buggies, a mark-making area and they were working alongside Arla Big Milk re-hydrating our little ones with fortified milk.

We have a great Tommee Tippee competition coming up so keep your eye on our competition page this week for more on their new range! Here’s a sneaky peek..

tommee tippee sippee cup 7M - weaning (lifestyle) facebook comp post



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