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slow cooker rocky road

Its the 3rd of January 2015 and our house is full of festive chocolate! There’s only a couple of days left before school goes back, and like most families we are having an annual clear out. We have decided to use our slow cooker for a bit of fun before it goes back to it’s usual mundane weekly stew!

Today, we are making Slow Cooker Rocky Road in our crock-pot. 

slow cooker rocky road

The recipe we are using:

1. Half a tonne (not literally, but quite a lot!) of all the left over chocolate in the house, today have put in the rest of our tin of roses, some fudge bars, some mini animal biscuits, some chocolate coins and even some ‘frootz’ strawberry fruit drops!


2. Add a slug of milk,

3. a knob of un-salted butter

4. and if you’re really naughty like us, a splash of baileys!

These last ingredients will stop it burning.

I am putting the slow cooker on high and checking it regularly to see if more milk needs to be added, only a tiny bit though as it will have trouble setting otherwise.

After the chocolate is melted i will add some broken up digestives, and some mini marshmallows to half of the chocolate mix, and the other half i will spoon over a crushed digestive biscuit base. (crushed digestives mixed with melted butter and left to set in a cake tin)


For the Rocky Road, spoon into a lined cake tin and place in the refrigerator over night, the next day it will be all ready for breaking up and munching with your little ones.

For the cheesecake, spoon mixture into a cake tin, over a biscuit base and set in refrigerator.

This is a lovely holiday activity that the children will love helping with, its relatively mess free and it will get all those calories out of the house for the New Year!

We will post our final pictures when they’re all complete.. if they last long enough!


We had a HUGE amount of chocolate left over in our house so after the initial batch, we decided to make another. This time we didn’t use any ‘squidgy’ chocolate like our roses etc and we just used the left over choccies from my husband’s advent calendar and others such as chocolate buttons.

Rocky Road

I melted this chocolate with the same ingredients, a splash of milk, a knob of butter and a splash of baileys. Because there was slightly less chocolate I put the slow cooker on low so that it didn’t burn.


This seemed to work much better. It melted nicely and once melted we mixed in some broken digestives and some mini marshmallows. I spooned the mixture into a lined cake tin and let it cool. Once cooled it went into the refrigerator over night.


Here it is ready for the fridge..


This morning, I took the mixture out of the fridge and broke it up into pieces, made myself a cheeky coffee and tried a piece! It is heaven! I much prefer this mixture without the roses in. This is a definite hit and I know i’ll be repeating this at Easter too!

Nikki x

rocky road ready

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