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The Gro-hush Baby Calmer

So here it is! After all the hype and wondering, The Gro Company have launched their brand new product today! The Gro Hush Baby Calmer. Now, if this product can do what it says it can do then I for one predict MASSIVE things for the Gro Hush.

Here’s the thing about white noise. It is understood that the noise of a Mother’s womb is very loud. Therefore, when baby comes into the world, everything is strangely quiet to them. White noise is attractive to babies because it’s familiar. Have you ever watched a baby fall asleep to the sound of a hair dryer? I have and I have to say, it’s incredible to see (and a little bit amusing too)! The Gro Hush plays white noise (Ocean Waves, Rain or Heartbeat noises to be exact) so uses this exact theory.

I am very much looking forward to hearing what our Mums think of this product when it’s tested out. Following the successes of Ewan, it’s perfectly timed and very on trend. Tell any new Mum that you have a product that can help their baby sleep, it’s definitely worth a try!!


Our Mum’s Panel Member Helen has just received her Exclusive Gro Hush and has tried it out already! Watch this amazing video as The Gro Hush sends her baby into a beautiful sleep!

Helen’s full review is coming up! ps.. The Music you can hear is edited on to the video, The sounds of the Gro Hush cannot be heard by anyone other than the baby itself xx


Introducing the best innovative safer sleep product from the Gro Company!  Use at home, and more reassuringly for parents, out and about without disturbing those around you.  In restaurants, social functions or even while travelling – any caregiver can calm baby.

The only calming device that safely delivers soothing white noise directly to your baby.  Most effective when used from birth as part of calming routine alongside feeding, rocking or swaddling.
White noise has been consistently proven to help soothe babies, triggering their calming reflex and allowing them to relax by mimicking the familiar sounds experienced in the womb.
*Three soothing sounds that only baby can hear when listening to the Gro-hush
1 Ocean waves
2 Rain on a tin roof
3 Heartbeat
*Comes with a high quality protective travel case that you can just throw in your bag and take with you anywhere
*Cover is washable
*Powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included)
*Switches off automatically after 10 minutes
*Cover is super soft 100% jersey cotton
*Sound levels are set at proven safe volume of 75 decibels and cannot be changed

If you can’t wait a moment longer, The Gro Hush is available Excusively Online on:

The Gro Company Website Here.

We cannot wait to see it! STAY TUNED FOR OUR REVIEW


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