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The Product: Jack and Jills Toothpaste (blueberry) and Sillicone Toothbrush

Your Name: Katy Tysom

Age of child trialling the product (if applicable) 21 months

Gender of child trailing the product: Boy

Duration of trial : 7 days

My little boy used to love ‘doing his teeth’ but recently would barely do anything other than  suck the water and paste off the toothbrush and refuse to let me scrub his teeth at all. If in the right mood he had started moving the brush side to side in a scrubbing-esque motion, but that was it! I was skeptical that a fancy toothbrush and paste would make any difference, but as soon as I gave him this toothbrush and paste, he started to scrub his teeth properly. I think the size of the brush is what did it, coupled with the fact it’s made of a lovely silicone and is really soft. It also makes a convincing toothbrushing noise to help him know he’s doing the same as mummy and daddy do. The toothbrush has a little guard on so it can’t be pushed too far into little ones’ mouths, and I am genuinely impressed with it.

As for the toothpaste, we tried the blueberry. First time he tasted it, he pulled a funny face as he was expecting his usual minty toothpaste, but he clearly likes it. I feel a lot better knowing it is safe for him to swallow, since at this age, that is what they do!


Value for money:

Star rating: 4 – I think it’s quite expensive but is worth it if lo continues to do his teeth properly!

Easy to use:

Star Rating 5 – Very simple and easy to use 🙂

What you like about it?

I really like the look of the products and the packaging – very attractive and eco-friendly. My little boy seemed to take to it immediately too.

What you don’t like about it? 


Would you recommend this product to a friend?

I would definitely recommend it going off my experience, as my little boy seems to like the flavour and the size and shape of the toothbrush. I feel a lot happier with toothbrushing time now and had got to the stage of dreading it.

Would you buy this product for yourself?

I think I will buy more now yes. I think we’ll try the strawberry flavour next!

Your summary and any other comments.

In short, a great product with lovely ethics and a really attractive look and feel. Would definitely recommend!

jacknjillsilliconetoothbrushSilicone Toothbrush
(1-3 years)

Soft Silicone Bristles
Gentle on tiny teeth and sensitive gums
100% Medical/Food Grade Silicone
BPA & PVC Free
Safety Shield Included
Ideal for babies/children before side/rear teeth have come through


For more info on these products you can visit Jack n Jill’s Website Here.

Take It From Mummy would like to thank Katy for her review and for her donation to our charity.

We would also like to thank Jack N Jill for supplying the products for review.

The Blueberry Toothpaste and the Sillicone Toothbrush received 5 Stars from us!

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