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Much loved in many a household author Oliver Jeffers celebrates TEN years since the release of this wonderful children’s story. Oliver and HarperCollins are proud to mark the anniversary in style with an exquisite gift edition, including a letter from the author and previously unpublished drawings – a book that no Oliver Jeffers fan will want to be without!

You can buy this hardback edition at a great price of £8.96 on Amazon Here: How to Catch a Star (10th Anniversary edition)

Here is our Mum’s panel member, Karen’s review!

Your Name: Karen

Age of child trialing the product: 3

Gender of child trialing the product: Female

A beautifully simple story with lovely illustrations – a really nice book to read together, encouraging early reading skills and imagination talking around the story. We love the Lost and Found story by the same author so were hopeful that this book would be as good – we weren’t disappointed. A shorter story, it is a simple, delightful, feel good read.

Easy to read:

Star Rating: 5 – Short, simple sentences, easy to read together with the little one.


Star rating: 5 – I love the simple, quirky illustrations, with a certain style that is very recognisable from the author.

Appeal to children:

Star rating: 5 – My daughter loved reading this together and talking around the story. It’s not wildly exciting, just a nice, simple, happy story.

What you like about it?

I like the fantastical element of being able to catch a star – you think it’s not possible but in the end the boy gets his star and gives a lovely feel-good factor. I love the simple language and illustrations that make it really appealing for young children.

What you don’t like about it?

What’s not to like? If anything it’s a little short, but when holding the attention of an energetic 3-year old, short is often better.

Would you recommend this book to a friend?


Karen’s Final Word:

Lovely, simple story with a happy ending. A lovely book to read any time.

Take It From Mummy would like to thank Karen for her wonderful review and also for donating to our charity to keep the book. We would also like to thank HarperCollins Publishers for supplying this lovely book and helping to support our charity.



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