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Through my advice and support page the subject of helping children deal with the passing of a loved one has come up on a number of occasions.

I have used some fabulous suggestions from Mums who have sadly had to deal with losses and how they helped their children deal with such grief.

Below is a list of suggestions from parents on books and ideas they have found useful, I have also put together some links and searches for anyone who is looking for more support and advice on this subject.

As always, if you feel you have something you might be able to contribute to this page, please do contact me.

  • Use simple and honest answers
  • Be patient
  • Support the child in play
  • Allow for anger and physical expression
  • Maintain consistent structure and routines
  • Allow the child to regress
  • Hold the child and give him/her extra attention and care
  • Encourage and allow for fun and happy times
  • Have books on death and grief
  • Have toys and dress up, art supplies, play doh which help facilitate grief expression
  • Address grief issues in a group setting without the focus on the grieving child.
  • Model by sharing own grief stories
  • Ensure that your child’s school or setting is aware of the situation so that they can support & be aware of any potential behavior changes and how best to deal with them

Useful links on grief additional information:



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