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Fancy getting creative this February? Why not try some of our Valentines Craft Ideas with your children?

For older children pre-school and upwards why not experiment with some white crayon!

You know, the one that NEVER gets used? We found a use for it!

white crayon

All you need is:

  • White Crayon
  • Card
  • Watered down paint or water colour paint
  • Paint Brush

1. Encourage your child to draw hearts on their piece of card. They will need to press down harder than normal or perhaps go over each heart a few times. As the white doesn’t show up you can explain that it’s invisible and you’re going to make the hearts appear!

2. If your little one finds hearts tricky you could cut out a templates of different sizes and encourage them to draw round them with the white crayon.

3. Once they’ve drawn their hearts encourage your child to paint over the top of their heart and see what happens! Because the wax repels the water the heart shapes will re-appear

4. You can experiment with different colours and designs.

5. Another alternative is  to cut out heart shapes out of card, show your child how to stick them to the card with a little blu-tac and dap over the top. When the paint is dry lift off the hearts and a beautiful pattern will be left behind.

Here are some we made today! ENJOY!

Valentines Crafts FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_2


Valentines Crafts with Children

If you have been making some valentines crafts with your children, email us your pictures here and we will feature them here to inspire other Mums!

For the younger children why not try some printing?

Make your own hearts using kitchen roll tube

All you need is

  • a toilet roll tube ..we used a kitchen roll tube,
  • some coloured paint
  •  some card

1. Bend the tube slightly down the centre to make a heart shape, you can secure with tape inside to make it more secure.

2. Pour some ready mixed paint onto a plastic plate and use the heart shaped roll to print heart shapes on to some card.

3. You could also buy a cheap canvas, available from The Works for just 99p and make a lovely canvas gift for loved ones from your little people.

4. Try experimenting with different colours as children learn what can happen when mixing up different colours.

 If you have been making some valentines crafts with your children, email us your pictures here and we will feature them here to inspire other Mums!

You could try these lovely hand prints which we made today! These will make a lovely keepsake, especially if you chose to frame them


All you need is:

  • Red Paint
  • Card
  • Red Glitter or sprinkles
  • Glue

1. Cut out a large heart shape on white card which you know will fit in both your child’s hands.

2. Pour some paint onto a plate and some ova glue and mix together. Encourage your child to place their hands onto the paint

3. Place your little one’s hands onto your heart as suggested by the picture

4. Spinkle glitter or sparkles over their hand prints and shake off any excess

If you’re sending the card to someone else, or perhaps you’re making some for someone else, you could use this wonderful poem.



Here are some other lovely things we might have to try our hand at soon:

Valentine Crafts With Kids paper-love-bugs-butterfly-valentines-day-craft valentine-crafts

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