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How to make halloween tissue paper pom poms!

tissue paper pom pons

It will soon be Halloween! With just over a week to go I’ve been searching the internet for halloween crafts to make with the children over half term. These pom poms are really simple and easy to make and look fabulous.

What you will need:

Tissue paper pom poms

How to make your tissue paper Pom Poms

1. Count out 4 sheets of black tissue paper and 4 sheets of orange tissue paper. Layer these black, orange, black, orange and so on. 


2. Place all tissue on top of each other in a pile. Begin to fold the tissue concertina style (just like how you would to make a paper fan).

tissue paper pom pons

3. Once all the paper is folded, take a piece of string and tie it round the middle of the folded paper. Tie it fairly tight but not so tight it creases the paper. 

img_0314 tissue paper pom pons

4. You will need large sharp scissors so that they can cut through all the layers of paper. Cut the paper at the end so that the straight edges are now rounded. 

For this tutorial I have rounded the ends but you can also cut them into a point which is quite effective, especially at halloween. 

img_0318 Tissue paper pom pons

5. Turn the paper onto it’s side and gently fan out the edges. 

tissue paper pom pons

6. Start at one of the sides and gently pull one layer of the tissue paper out, being careful not to rip the paper, though if you do it doesn’t really matter too much. Only open the top four layers. Then repeat on the other side. Then turn the pom pom over and pull out the remaining layers on the other side. 

Tissue paper pom poms

7. Your pom pom is complete! You can fiddle with the edges and pull them to fill out the pom pom. Then take some string and thread it through the original string in the middle to hang. 

tissue paper pom pons


Here’s my halloween window complete with Ghost fairy lights which we got from Tiger.

tissue paper pom pons

We experimented with black and white paper which also looked great. I think I’ll make some pastel ones for our little girl’s bedroom too!

Happy Crafting Everyone 🙂

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