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Teddy-cation Teddy- cation is a new toddler class that combines education, with fun interactive activities covering different skills in the subjects areas; Art, English, Maths, Science, D&T, P.E. Geography and Music linked with Early Years Foudation Stage. By covering different subject areas and skills, each lesson is a new and exciting learning experience pitched at an age appropriate level .

Teddy- cation  is tailored specifically to the pre school  (2 ½ – 4yrs) developmental  phase and develops language and communication skills, listening skills, social and emotional skills, confidence, co-ordination, imagination, enquiring minds, creativity and exploration of different subject area skills.

The classes follow a set structure with Teddy Neuron greeting each child, a brain warm up exercise, a mission set by Teddy Neuron, a  fun practical activity based on a subject area, a circle time sharing and communication of the learning experience and sticker in their Super Hero Card, a self assessment activity to reflect on their learning and a good bye high five from Teddy Neuron. Each class teaches parents/carers simple skills and activities in different subject areas that can be used at home with the children.

Each class runs for 45 minutes over the course of 10 weeks and has a maximum of 14 children attending each session. The last session is when Teddy Nueron’s Budding Brains (Buddies) graduate into becoming Super Heroes themselves in the last week.

If you would like to take part in Teddy-cation we would love to hear from you!

Join our classes on:


Acre Close Community Centre, Whitnash, Leamington Spa CV31 2ND 1.45pm


Hatton Park Village Hall, CV35 7TR – 10:00 am


Warwick Gates Community Centre, CV34 6DZ – 10:00 am


Teddy-cation Outside Learning Class 10am in the grounds of The Warwickshire Golf and Country Club

Teddy-cation would like to offer visitors to Take It From Mummy a free taster session 🙂 Just mention Take It from Mummy when you contact us.

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Tel: 07720446453

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