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Teddy-cation is now ONLINE!.. Completely FREE!

Teddy-cation is a class that combines education with fun and interactive activities covering a range of different subject areas each week. Our practical, skill building sessions cover art, D&T, STEM activities, music, P.E., drama to name but a few!

New classes every Wednesday at 10am or watch at any time on catch-up, including previous classes on our Facebook page. There is no charge for these sessions.

Join Teddy Neuron a super hero bear who sets the missions to complete each week. Suitable for children aged from 2.5 (preschool) up to key stage 1 but older siblings have enjoyed it too!

Teddy-cation online classes can be found online through pre-recorded videos on the Teddy-cation Facebook page The classes run from 25-30 minutes and you will be instructed a few days before on the Facebook page, the equipment and resources you need to bring along (so following the page is essential) whilst watching the video.

The classes are interactive so everyone can join in e.g. a science experiment, a craft activity or a p.e. session. The session begins with a song, finding Teddy Neuron and listening to the mission he has set us. The mission gets the children to actively take part in creating something with adult support. Imagination, learning and creativity all in one session!

To join in, ‘like’ the Teddy-cation Facebook page or or phone 07720 446453

You can also visit the teddy-cation website here

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