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Mama Must Have

Welcome to the Mama Must Have Project.

This is a project for all Mums, Facebook Mums, Instamummys, MummyBloggers and Vloggers alike to share our top Mama-Must-Haves. Whether it’s skin care, make up or changing bags, whatever you have found that you love!

Like many Mums if i have any spare cash, even if I intend to spend it on myself I’ll get to the shops and end up spending it on the kids anyway! I don’t know why but I get more excited about children’s things than I do for adult stuff (except stationary that is)!

This morning I looked in the mirror at the dark circles under my eyes and realised I’ve no idea what other Mums do about skincare, or make-up or anything else really related to US. I know which formula they use, which brand of dummies they prefer and what they’re dressing their children in, but I really have no idea what other Mums use to help their dark circles, or what their favourite hair products are. There’s probably loads of us thinking the same thing, and there’s probably loads of us with ideas for quick and simple products that have been tried and tested by us, actual real life Mummies, facing the struggle of the Mum/Child balance.

This is a project for all Mums, Facebook Mums, Instamummies, MummyBloggers and Vloggers alike to join a link-up where we share our top must haves under a theme which will run for one month until it moves on to the next theme. I would love to build us a community which we can use time and time again, we can use a different hashtag for each theme meaning you’ll be able to search the hashtag whenever you like to see what other Mums are using in that theme.

We will be starting next week with #mamamusthaveskincare so get your Must Have products ready for a #shelfie or flatlay and when the project starts you can get hash tagging. Post your picture to any your own social pages and we will share them on our blog and other mums will be able to see them too.
The idea of this project is to join Mums together, help them find useful products and tips that other parents use and love and build a useful community for us all.

If you run a blog you could post your photo on Instagram, pop the hashtag in the comments and tag the Instagram account @mamamusthave you could then link in your bio to a blog post where you go into a bit more detail about the products you have put in your picture and why you love them, or maybe you could do an instastory. I’m sure your followers would love to see what you love too. Vloggers, you could do the same, post on Instagram and link to youtube with your vlog on your best loved items.

If you do have a blog, link it up in the comments below and I will post them in a new blog post for each theme so everyone can click around the different blog posts and read all about what other Mum’s must have items are.

I would love for this to be a community thing, it’s not ‘mine’ you can suggest your own themes and we will pop it on the schedule for a following week.

Here’s some of the themes we will run




Hair Products



Things for me – (Mama treats such as candles, chocolate, whatever your little luxury is)


Changing Bags



Link up to our

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If you don’t have a blog it’s fine, everyone can get involved with the hashtag on all social media and we will post all the hash tagged pictures on a separate blog on this website every month. 

If you have a blog and would like to display the badge, all you need to do is copy and paste the text below into your blog.

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