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I have recently completed the intensive training with Digital Mums which qualifies me to ‘Social Media Manager’ status.

The course was really intense and was 25 hours a week over a six month period in which I created a campaign and blog (separate to Take It From Mummy) and learned how to grow the channels organically. There was hours of learning, watching videos, compiling analytics but I can honestly say it was worth every minute of my time, and stress (haha)!

The services I can offer are unique as I am lucky enough to have had almost five years experience working with and supporting Warwickshire Mums, both personally and in business.

My group Mum Knows Best Warwickshire has been a working passion of mine since I created it in April 2013, since then we have grown to over 5,000 local Mums who post regularly (43,000 times in September to be exact) and it has given me a unique insight to Warwickshire parents (of which, of course, I am one). Thanks to the new ‘Facebook Insights’ I am also able to analyse the online Facebook habits of our Mums, such as our busiest times, days and the most commented on subjects. So if you’re a business that focusses on parents I’m your girl!

I offer a number of services under the ‘Social Media Management’ umbrella, such as:

Social Media Audits – An audit of your current social channels, brief audit of competitors and suggestions on what you could implement to get the very best from your social media.

Social Media Strategy – Lets talk about your business, what your vision is and what you need to do to get out there to your customers on social media, how you can drive them to your brand and how you can build a community.

Social Media Management – Whether it’s full management and scheduling of your strategies you’re after or someone to work alongside you, talking to customers and building on engagement, I can create a personal package to suit you.

To hear more about what I can offer you including blogs, videos and more please send me an email here. I look forward to hearing from you!